Woman, 50, Gives Birth to Triplets After 20 Years of Marriage By Beatrice Earland

A 50 year old woman in Bauchi, Pastor (Mrs.) Freda Promise Yohanna, has given birth to triplets after over 10 miscarriages in their 20 years of marriage.

Speaking with our Correspondent in her house in Guru Area of Bauchi State, she said that although she went through a lot of terrible experiences in which she almost lost her life, the birth of the triplets was a reward from God for her dependence in him.

While narrating her experience, she said: “We’ve been married for almost 20 years. December 19th will make it exactly 20 years. After about a year of marriage, I took in but I had a miscarriage and another year, I took in again and I still had a miscarriage. I had a miscarriage for my third pregnancy and after about 7 months, I had miscarriage again.

“After that, I stayed for about 5 years before I took in again but I still had a miscarriage; it was on and on. I had over 10 miscarriages. I remembered that in 2014, I had another miscarriage of twins which were 5 months old.”

The mother of three said that she almost died while pregnant with the twins. She further narrated that when she went to ease herself, she discovered the leg of one of her babies dangling.

She said she was taken to several hospitals before she later got medical help after losing a lot of blood.

“One of the days while I was pregnant, I just went in to ease myself and I discovered that the leg of my baby was dangling; so we went to the Teaching Hospital but they were on strike and my doctor was out of town.

“We went to another clinic. The doctor was out of town too; we went to another clinic but the doctor was nowhere to be found. I was already having trouble with one leg dangling outside. The trauma of that one was terrible; it felt like I was already dying.

“Eventually, we got a doctor and he tried and tried. The one that was dangling died but the other one was still alive because they were in one sack. Eventually we lost the babies but the doctor was trying to see if he can save my life. I was seriously bleeding and at the end of the day, I went into comma. I didn’t know what happened again; it was God that preserved my life. That was the greatest experience I ever had in 20 years of marriage,” she stated.

She informed that because of what she went through, she and her husband decided to ask God not to give them a child again pointing out that “my husband said he didn’t want to lose me. But God in his infinite mercy made it possible for us now and instead of twins, he brought triplets.”

According to her, although they didn’t know what was happening, they trusted God knowing fully well that it is he who gives children. They felt he knows everything.

Yohanna said that they were not disturbed because of their predicament stating that “as far as we were concerned, God has an assignment for us which is the ministry we are doing.”

She said her faith was strengthened when the prophecy was given that she would give birth soon.

“Last year,” according to her, “we were having a programme in Church and one of our Fathers in the Lord came and told us that in the season of time, he will come back here and dedicate our child. I believed him. Lo and behold, the pregnancy came and God really helped us.”

She advised couples who have been married without any children to be patient and wait on God because his timing is not man’s timing.

“God has a plan for everybody,” she said, “they should know that delay is not denial; as such, they should wait patiently on the Lord and he who did it for us, will do it for them in Jesus name.”

Also speaking, the husband, Pastor Promise Yohanna, said that when his wife told him she was pregnant, he became fearful because of her past experiences.

He said: “when my wife told me she was pregnant, I said wow, Praise God. When we went for scanning after two months and a Doctor discovered that my wife had three children in her womb, I shouted and said God wants to compensate us with three children after waiting for this long; that is, for about 20 years now. I concluded that this must be God.

“I was excited actually but I was also fearful lest there be a miscarriage. We were trusting God that it would work out. God helped us she was able to deliver triplets.”

He cautioned couples who visit native doctors out of desperation of wanting to get children saying that “desperation doesn’t give pregnancies.”

He said: “As a Minister of the gospel and a Pastor, personally I detest it when I hear people visiting native doctors. People have actually suggested that to my wife but nobody ever came to me directly. She told me about it but we trusted in God to do it for us.

“I always say that the devil has no free gift; if he gives you anything, he will attach something to it. So, I want to discourage people from going to native doctors. What I encourage people generally to do is to seek for prayers and medical help.”

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