“I am Proudly Catholic For Life” – Block Rosary President Declares

In this Pocket Interview with the President of Block Rosary Crusade of St. James’ Catholic Church Gombe, Chukwudi Umeh, Bauchi Caritas Correspondent, Godwin Ogbonna takes him on a plethora of issues surrounding Marian Devotion. Enjoy the excerpts:

Bauchi Caritas: Kindly tell us about yourself.

President BRC: I am Chukwudi Umeh, the President of Block Rosary Crusade, St. James’ Catholic Church, Gombe.

Bauchi Caritas: Can you share with us how you became a Block Rosary member and the benefits of belonging to this Pious Society plus praying the Holy Rosary?

President BRC: I started the Block Rosary as a little child. My parents taught me how to pray the Rosary. I was faithful to it until I became a youth and later an adult and a father. This is why I encourage children to develop the habit of prayer and saying the rosary regularly. Praying the rosary is one of the best ways of training a child in the Catholic faith. Being a member of Block Rosary afforded me the opportunity to relay on our Mother Mary always who is the Mediatrix between us and God. In addition, praying the rosary is not limited to children alone; it is also for adults especially parents. Praying the holy rosary is very important in the family. There are always blessings attached to reciting the holy rosary. I pray that all Catholics would imbibe the habit of praying the rosary daily.

Bauchi Caritas: What is the impact of the Block Rosary Crusade in the Society and the Church?

President BRC: We admonish our members and indeed all Catholics to always develop the habit of praying the holy rosary. By doing so, we maintain the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. You see, the prayer of the Rosary is carefully said with deep understanding of the meaning of the words. It is said with patience because our Mother Mary has one of the finest qualities we ought to emulate that is, patience. Our impact is encouraging Christians to be patience in life.

Bauchi Caritas: Is it true that Catholics worship the Blessed Virgin Mary?

President BRC: It is not true. You see, many non Catholics have been speaking blasphemy against the Catholic Church. I don’t blame them because they are ignorant. This is because, the Catholic Church is the first Church established by Jesus Christ himself. You can confer Matthew 18:18 and Matthew 16: 18. On the other hand, all other Churches you see today are founded by man. To answer, we don’t worship Mary, we honour her. Can a child forget her mother who gave birth to him? Is it wrong to honour your biological mother? Even God himself honoured Mary by sending angle Gabriel who said to her: “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee…” (Luke 1:28). Read your Bible and you will know the truth. The stories of Jesus will not be complete without his Mother. Salvation will not be perfected without our Mother Mary. That is why I am proudly Catholic for Life.

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